Officially available now: Brawl Stars for iOS and Android!

Finally it is here! Brawl Stars! The new game of Supercell has finally appeared in Germany after what felt like an eternity. You can now download in the iOS and Android Store.

Why did the test phase take so long?

This is a very good question. The game appeared as beta in Canada last year. Only iOS users could play it. Normally, a beta period should not take so long. This suggests two possibilities: The game had a lot of problems and bugs or Supercell wanted to get the best out of Brawl Stars and then release it.

Is it better than Clash of Clans or Clash Royale?

The games are hardly comparable. Clash of Clans is now almost 6 years old. There are many years between CoC and a lot of money. The resources that Supercell now has are really extreme. You can produce and market much better and more successful games. Brawl Stars has jumped right into the iOS action charts after just a few hours.

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Is Brawl Stars P-T-W?

Guess it: yes, of course it is. All of Supercell’s games are P-T-W and they will always remainP-T-W. Clash Royale has been pretty fierce, but Brawl Stars should be the same. There are also virtual currencies, which you have to buy for your real money – as in almost every mobile games these days. You can download Brawl Stars, but the in-game currencies are very important in the game. Without the coins and jewels it will be very difficult.

How can I save my real stars money at Brawl Stars?

No panic! Of course we have cheats and hacks for you that will help you to save a lot of real money. With the Brawl Stars Hack you get the whole virtual currencies on your account. You do not need jailbreak or root for your smartphone or tablet. Just use it anywhere, anytime. Incidentally, the hack for Brawl Stars works just as well as our hacks for Clash Royale and Clash of Clans. Take a look at it!

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