Who will throw Clash Royale from the throne?

Clash Royale by Supercell has been one of the most popular games for iOS and Android for several years now. Its popularity even exceeds its predecessor „Clash of Clans“. The developers earn billions every year with microtransactions.

Every developer wants to be like Supercell, everyone wants to develop the new big Clash Royale. For a long time one thing has been certain: A lot of money can be earned with mobile games. Every day new games are added to the iOS and Google App Store, but only a few of them manage to become profitable. Developing a game for iOS and Android can be very time consuming and expensive. Now and then there are exceptions, like Head Ball by Masomo, which had a very good idea and became popular. But when it comes to role-playing games, strategy games and some other genres it takes more than just a good idea. The implementation is fundamentally important. In addition there is everything around it. The perfect launch, marketing and much more. Games like Mobile Strike show that it is not enough to make a famous personality a la Arnold Schwarzenegger engaged in advertising. If the gameplay is not mature or bad, then even the highest marketing budget will not help.

With virtual currencies, microtransactions and P-T-W to get millions

Almost every game for your smartphone and tablet today has microtransactions or any virtual currencies. Getting these requires using your real money. Each game offers an in-game shop where you can buy items or currencies like coins, jewels, gems, skins or any other items. The best example is. Actually, it’s available for everyone. That means you can download it anywhere for no charge. But the developers of Epic Games have come up with something clever: To make the game even more fun there are many different skins, which are added almost daily or weekly. Players must first buy V-Bucks and then exchange them for skins. There’s also a Battle Pass, which gives you some in-game benefits. It’s a premium membership, so to speak. Epic Games earns hundreds of millions of dollars with this, although these skins, V-Bucks and also the Battle Pass are not really necessary.

Virtual games can also ruin entire game series

Another game and example, which is very negative:FIFA 19 Ultimate Team. While EA earns more and more money with FUT, the quality of the game has decreased considerably. Meanwhile there are so many updates, which have been released within only two months, that the game of now has nothing to do with the game of September. Many players from all over the world have already broken with FIFA. The Ultimate Team mode is P-T-W, plus all the scripts that can steer the game in a certain direction. The micro-transactions are both a blessing and a curse, while the players and fans are always going downhill. There is no real alternative to FIFA 19. It’s a lot of fun and gameplay is worlds better, but the lack of licenses and the outdated visuals don’t exactly make the players enthusiastic.

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